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Thanks to close cooperationship with Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), industrial Associations, local Trade, Trade and Tourism Departments of Provinces and Cities under Centre and other Ministries, Ministry of Trade (MOT) has selected and published a List of Reliable Exporters for years 2004 and 2005 (more than 300 enterprises had been chosen each year) on  website of MOT and other participating authorities.

This selection has received wide support of Ministries and enterprises, creating a reliable focal point for enterprises searching for business opportunities, especially for the foreign enterprises while searching for Vietnamese export partners.

In 2012, Vietnam’s export turnover continues to achieve significant progress contributing to general growth of the nation. The 2012 total export is expected to reach $113.5 billion, a 17% increase compared to 2011 and exceeds the target adopted by the National Assembly.

To support and recognize the efforts of the Vietnamese exporter communities in improving competitiveness, expanding markets, the MOIT keeps cooperating with  Ministries and lines, , Department of Industry and Trade of Provinces and Cities under the Central Government, Industrial Associations and related authorities to select the “2013 Reliable Exporters” for further trade promotion activities of the MOIT.

I. Main content

1. Subject:

The legitimate enterprises in Vietnam, including both domestic and FDI companies that qualify the following provisions:

- Exporting one of the following items: rice; coffee; rubber; black pepper; cashew; tea; vegetables and fruits; meats and foodstuff; fishery; wood products and furniture; textiles and apparels; footwear; handicrafts & ceramics; plastic products; glass and glass products, mobile phones and accessories; cameras, video cameras and accessories; computers, electrical and electronic components; electrical wires and cables; construction materials; mechanical products; pharmaceutical and medical devices; handbags, purses, suitcases, hats and umbrellas.

- Submitting full and legal supporting documents.

2. Conditions:

- Direct exporters without any losses within 2011 and 2012.

- Not violating Vietnamese and foreign laws as well as other laws governing the operation of the enterprises; not being claimed by partners on issues related to the trademark.

- Strict performance of the export contract with foreign partners

- Fulfilling the State Obligations.

- The 2012 Export turnover reaching the following minimum:

1.       Rice: 6 million USD

2.       Coffee: 10 million USD

3.       Rubber:

§  Raw rubber: 5 million USD

§  Rubber product: 2 million USD

4.       Pepper: 4 million USD

5.       Cashew: 6 million USD

6.       Tea: 1 million USD

7.       Vegetables and fruits: 2 million USD

8.       Meats and Foodstuff: 1 million USD

9.       Fisheries: 10 million USD

10.  Wood products & Furniture: 8 million USD

11.   Textiles and apparels: 15 million USD

12.  Footwear: 20 million USD

13.  Handicraft (ceramics, rattan, rush, embroidery, etc...): 2 million USD

14.  Plastic products: 3 million USD

15.  Computers, electrical and electronic components: 15 million USD

16.   Electric wires and cables: 5 million USD

17.   Construction and Building Materials: 3 million USD

18.   Mechanical items: 3 million USD

19.   Pharmaceuticals and medical devices

§  Medical devices: 1 million USD

§  Pharmacy: 0,5 million USD

20.  Handbag, wallet, suitcase, hat and umbrella : 3 million USD

21.  Glass and Glass products: 2 million USD

22.  Mobile phones and accessories: 20 million USD

23.  Cameras, video cameras and accessories: 3 million USD

II. Process and procedure

1. Registration application:

- Classify documents for each of the registered items.

- Enterprise under different prequalifying units can only submit to 1 unit in 3 prequalifying units (line Ministry, Associations, Department of Industry and Trade)

- Application includes:

      (1) A “Reliable Exporters” registration application 2013 (Attached)

      (2) A certified true copy of Business Registration Certificate

      (3) Copies of the merit, award, certificate in 2011 and 2012 by the organization, foreign central agencies reward or certify.

Application is made in 2 sets and submits to the prequalifying unit.

2. Process and Procedure:

2.1 Prequalification:

- The line Ministries clarify its affiliated enterprises.

- Industrial Associations clarify member enterprises.

- Department of Trade and Industry of Provinces and Cities under the Centre Government clarify its affiliated enterprises and those having registration in the relevant province, including FDI ones.

Responsibility of pre-qualifying units:

- Guide enterprises to prepare relevant documents, to fill in the attached form and receive their application.

- Coordinate with the Customs Departments and Tax Departments of Provinces and Cities to verify the enterprises’ execution of Customs Law, Tax Law and the State budget remittances.

- Organize prequalification to select qualified enterprises.

- Send a prequalification result to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Application submitting to Ministry of Industry and Trade must include:

       + A general list of eligible enterprises approved by the head of prequalifying unit.

       + Enterprises profile (01 in prequalifying unit; 01 submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Trade), including:

          (i) 01 Registration Application approved by the prequalifying unit (sign and seal)

          (ii) 01 notarized copy of Business Registration Certificate.

          (iii)  Copies of the merit, award, certificate in 2011 and 2012 by the organization, foreign central agencies reward or certify.

2.2 Official Announcement:

After reviewing and compiling the submitted results, Ministry of Industry and Trade will publish the list of selected enterprises on the website of the MOIT in order to get public consultation in 15 days.

The final list of “Reliable Exporters” 2013 will be announced on the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency, the Vietnam Industry and Trade Information Center, the Industry and Trade News, the Vietnam Economic News, the Vietnam Trade Offices and some multimedia. At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will conduct various activities of trade promotion under its responsibility to introduce and disseminate this list to foreign partners.

2.3 Timeline of the Selection:

Ministries, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Industrial Associations, Department of Trade and Industry Provinces and Cities under Centre Government organize the prequalification and send the compiled list to the MOIT relevant documents before February 10th, 2013.

Many thanks for your cooperation of relevant Ministries, Associations and local Trade Departments.

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